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First Experience With Cuts

So, we’re past cuts for mid mortem. I am currently writing this at 2:30AM and don’t really see myself being able to sleep for the rest of the night.

I’m not going to go into detail about the games I’m just going to write my feelings about which games got through and why I’m upset that they were the ones that got through. If you want a recap of the games and my standing on them I have another post on that.

First off the games that went through were Reboot and Duckmaster. Now, I’m a little sad that my game Goblinworks didn’t get through cuts, but that comes with the gig. I’m more upset that these two specific games got through together.

With Duckmaster I don’t see myself being able to find a place in that team. There doesn’t seem to be a place for an additional programmer unless they intend to do some interesting things with the mobile platform that they planned to build for or vastly increase the scope and change the design. With Reboot I find it difficult to see myself doing something significant on that project that I can later look back at and be proud of. This might be because I don’t have a good vision of the future of the games or there really is no place for me to thrive on either game.

This is where it comes to why I’m upset. With any of the cut games I could see myself doing something that I would be proud adding to my portfolio. With the pair of games that got through, I can’t see this happening; I also struggle to see a class of 20 students with their current disciplines and specializations being able to do substantial work on either of the projects that got through.

I’ll admit I don’t know why these games were chosen; I was not a part of this conversation. I wish we all could be and I don’t really understand - except for time’s sake - why we can’t all be part of this conversation. However, with these games going through I need to find someplace that I can fit into to work on something that I can be proud of 10 weeks from now.

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